Douglas Geyman maintains a thriving legal practice in San Diego, California, where he concentrates on prosecuting and defending employment law cases. He has argued numerous wrongful termination cases as well as discrimination cases, wage and hour cases, and other related matters.

In an at-will employment situation, either party can legally terminate the relationship with or without notice. Furthermore, in all states except Montana, the employer can terminate the relationship without due cause, unless stated otherwise in a signed agreement. However, an at-will employer can still be sued for wrongful termination if he or she violates a universally applicable discrimination law, fires an employee for refusing to break a law, or terminates employment due to the employee's union activity.

In addition, an employer that uses language contrary to the at-will relationship, even casually, may be held legally accountable on the grounds that he or she changed the nature of the relationship. As a result, employers with at-will employees are typically urged by legal professionals to use specific “at-will” language in all communications, written or verbal, that relate to the position.

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